Community leaders and town administrators are invited to NTA meetings to keep our members up to date on issues and encourage dialogue.

2019 speakers: 

Fire Chief Steve Murphy reported on the status of the new fire station. The Fire Department received a Community Health Initiative grant from Nantucket Cottage Hospital to train and certify seven firefighters as
paramedics licensed to administer life-saving medications, reduce pain and begin diagnosis in transit to decrease emergency response time.

Graeme Durovich, DPW Recycling/Solid Waste Coordinator, introduced the DPW’s new system of sorting and disposing of household trash into compostable, recyclable, and non-recyclable/non-compostable wastes.


Town Manager Libby Gibson reviewed the 87 articles on the April 2019 Town Meeting warrant. She said the Town is considering E-voting at future Town Meetings.


Town Transportation Planner Mike Burns discussed plans for additional bike paths, as well as Nantucket’s Long-term Transportation Plan. 


Natural Resources Director Jeff Carlson discussed coastal resiliency and said the Town is taking a multi-pronged approach to planning. Nantucket’s Hazard Mitigation Plan (including an updated Harbor Plan) was approved by FEMA, which makes the Town eligible for FEMA grants.


Sewer Department Director David Gray said the Sewer, Water and Public Works departments are working more closely to coordinate projects. The Sewer department is in year two of its Capacity, Maintenance, Operation and Management Program (CMOM), which creates video of all Town sewers to inspect and repair weak points.


Wannacomet Water Company Director Mark Willett said the company has completed a thorough geophysical investigation and modeling of the Island’s water resources. He also discussed contamination and its mitigation, water usage rates, and future projects.


Lauren Sinatra, Energy Coordinator, gave a general update on Nantucket energy programs, including the MassSave program that assists home owners with individual recommendations for energy efficiency.


Past speakers

House Numbering

Goal: Encourage visible house numbers ​​


Every second counts in an emergency, and if the fire truck, ambulance driver or police officer can see your house number, it could save your life. To improve prompt response by emergency personnel and easier identification for taxi drivers, tradespeople and visitors, NTA initiated a campaign to encourage all island residents to display their house numbers prominently. The Town of Nantucket’s General Code (Chapter 126) requires “clear and legible street numbers no smaller than 2-1/2 inches and in a contrasting color placed to be visible . . .”

Contributions to community projects

  • $300 to host a screening on June 14 of the film “One Big Home” at the Atheneum about the efforts of the nearby Martha’s Vineyard community to pass a bylaw limiting the size of new houses on the island.

  • $500 toward a new sign for the African Meeting House.

  • $1000 toward the restoration of the War Memorial adjacent to the Town Building.

Downtown Streetlights

We encouraged the Town to repair a number of streetlights in the downtown area, especially along Orange Street, that are not working or are non-existent. Since many of the streetlights were a gift to the Town and have complex and expensive inner workings, the problem is more difficult than simply changing light bulbs.


The result is the LED Streetlamp Pilot Project.

Downtown Appearance

NTA has been concerned about and involved in the appearance of downtown for several years. By collaborating with the DPW and several other interested organizations, we hope to make the downtown area more appealing to residents and visitors. Our focus has been on signage, bike racks and especially trash receptacles. NTA has actively endorsed an experimental program to install solar-powered trash receptacles in certain high-traffic areas, as well as selected popular beaches where refuse accumulates.

Broad Street Beautification

In an effort to make a memorable first impression for visitors arriving by steamship, NTA has annually planted perennial flowers along the “strip” area of Broad Street between the steamship terminal and the Whaling Museum.

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