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2022 Hot Tub / Spa Survey

In 2022, NTA sponsored a survey of property owners in the Old
Historic District and Sconset Old Historic District to elicit their
opinions about hot tubs/spas in their neighborhoods. The online
survey, conducted in advance of Annual Town Meeting, was in
response to a citizen warrant article proposing to ban hot
tubs/spas in these districts. NTA did not take a position on the
issue but chose to help learn the opinions of affected property
owners. The non-partisan survey was developed with guidance
from the town’s Planning and Land Use Services.

Survey respondents were decidedly opposed to hot tubs in these
areas. Subsequently, Town Meeting voters passed the ban by a
single vote over the 2/3 majority needed to pass zoning
amendments. In August 2022, a judgment by a Land Court judge
further tightened the regulation, requiring a volume limit 1,000


Swimming pools have been banned in these districts for more
than a decade.

Click here for survey results.

House Numbering

Every second counts in an emergency, and if the fire truck, ambulance driver or police officer can see your house number, it could save your life. To improve prompt response by emergency personnel and easier identification for taxi drivers, tradespeople and visitors, NTA initiated a campaign to encourage all island residents to display their house numbers prominently.

Downtown Streetlights

We encouraged the Town to repair a number of streetlights in the downtown area, especially along Orange Street, that are not working or are non-existent. Since many of the streetlights were a gift to the Town and have complex and expensive inner workings, the problem is more difficult than simply changing light bulbs. The result is the LED Streetlamp Pilot Project.

Downtown Appearance

NTA has been concerned about and involved in the appearance of downtown for several years. By collaborating with the DPW and several other interested organizations, we hope to make the downtown area more appealing to residents and visitors. Our focus has been on signage, bike racks and especially trash receptacles. NTA has actively endorsed an experimental program to install solar-powered trash receptacles in certain high-traffic areas, as well as selected popular beaches where refuse accumulates.

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